Richard G Hawley Photography

Break Water

HDR Image of Cromer Beach

Heacham Sunset

The sunset at Heacham Beach in Norfolk, UK

Vintage MG

An HDR study of the front of a 1934 MG PA.

Green Hatch

A shot of a weathered green hatch in a different warehouse in Norfolk.


A stil life study of 5 shells arranged and sepia toned.

Owler Tor

A shot of one of the rock formations on Owler Tor in the Peak District.

Thornham Stumps

An HDR study of the 'Stumps' at Thornham in Norfolk, UK.

Shades of Blue

Viewing the sun and sky through a garden parasol.

Under the Pier

An HDR shot of the Pier at Cromer in Norfolk, UK. A different view that shows the structural engineering of the support system.

Yellow Rose

A crop in of a yellow rose.

The Boat House

The Boat House at Thornham in Norfolk, UK.


A shot of the 'Leaping Jaguar' bonnet ornament on a vintage Jaguar.


Another sunset shot from Heacham, Norfolk, UK.


A still Life of a Dandelion with it's seeds ready to be distributed.


An 'abstract' compsed HDR shot of one of the 'Wrecks' in the grass bogland at Thornham in Norfolk, UK. This has proved to be quite a popular image on other photo sharing sites despite the abstract nature of the composition.


A shot of a Cormorant late on a January afternoon.


An HDR study of a set of steps for negotiating one of the breakwaters on Cromer beach, Norfolk, UK.

Taking Off

A vintage WW2 Spitfire taking off at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, Cambridgeshire, UK.

Kings Lynn

A image of Kings Lynn, in Norfolk, UK. Taken from the footpath running by the River Great Ouse.

The Church Gate

An HDR, Softened in Lightroom, of a covered church gate framing the church building.

All the Guys Together

Three young stags on an Estate in Norfolk, UK.


An HDR study of a shell on Thornham beach, Norfolk, UK.

Red Hatch

A shot of a weathered red hatch door in a dock warehouse.

The Beach

An HDR shot of Cromer Beach with its seaweed covered rocks and tidal streams weaving through them down to the water's edge.

Bud Bouquet

A shot of some buds on a bush in the garden. It has been said that this looks like a bouquet and somne have said the buds have taken on an almost 'porcelin' look.

Church on the Hill

An HDR study of St Withburga's in Norfolk, UK.


A blend of nature and man-made featuring a weathered speed limit sign.


An HDR study of a boat at Thornham.

Painted Moon

A study of the June 2013 "Supermoon" but processed to give it a painted look and feel.